Lauri Reuter

Lauri Reuter is an expert in the future of food, and the guy to ask if you’ve ever wondered what we are going to eat in the future, and how all that food is going to be produced. He has a PhD in Biotechnology and is an alum of the Singularity University Global Solutions Program (2017). He is a specialist in cell biology, genetic engineering and protein production, and is passionate about securing food production in the future. He has conducted research on use of plant cells as biological factories for valuable biomolecules, and eventually as a completely new source of nutrition.

He is Senior Specialist of Disruptive Technologies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and is developing an internal Innovative Business for Solving Exponential Problems (iBEX) research program, supporting top scientists in the organization in solving global grand challenges.

Lauri is also passionate about science communication, and was a science commentator for the most watched science program in Finland. He regularly speaks on topics ranging from the role of genetic engineering in food production to digital disruption of the supply chain and accelerating development in agriculture. In his talks Lauri questions some of the most ingrained assumptions on food and visions a post-agricultural green world, where food is decoupled from the environment and humankind is no longer bound to this planet.


  • Future of Food
  • Digital Biology

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