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Episode 32: How to innovate responsibly

Alka Roy, Founder of Responsible Innovation and AI Project, set up AT&T’s first 5G lab in the Bay Area, serves on Linux’s Foundation Trusted AI Community, holds 5 patents for policy and security frameworks, and is a speaker and writer on responsible innovation.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:33 Introduction to Alka’s journey
  • 6:09 What is The Responsible Innovation Project?
  • 12:01 Are companies innovating responsibly?
  • 16:44 What is the problem?
  • 25:28 How to design & navigate responsible innovation
  • 33:25 Do we need tools for responsible “X” and what are they?
  • 42:55 Advice for creating a bigger positive impact
  • 53:05 Next steps forward in responsible innovation

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