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Episode 30: Innovating for the long term

Alexander Rose is Executive Director and Secretary to the Board of The Long Now Foundation since 01997. He holds an arts honors degree from Carnegie Mellon University in industrial design, founded the robotics company Inertia Labs, builds combat robots that have won more than six world championships, and has written for or appeared in media such as BBC, Discovery Channel, Wired, NPR, and many more.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:56 Alex’s journey
  • 4:00 How The Long Now Foundation started
  • 7:41 About the Library Project
  • 9:30 Building a clock that lasts 10,000 years
  • 15:12 Goals for the 10,000 year old clock
  • 17:39 Story behind the "0" in 01996
  • 21:05 A look into multi-generational organizations
  • 25:15 Why it is less common for large companies to grow older
  • 35:30 About the Organizational Continuity Project

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