Episode 25: Disrupting Corporate Culture

Episode Description:

David G. White Jr., PhD, is partner and Co-Founder at Ontos Global and a cognitive anthropologist, in conversation with Kris on new approaches to organizational culture and change based on emerging science of the cultural mind. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 0:48 Why write on a book on disrupting corporate culture
  • 3:17 Does culture drive business performance?
  • 7:41 Roundabout relationships in business
  • 12:38 Influence of leaders on company culture
  • 16:15 Where does change in culture come from?
  • 19:50 Can change occur without power?
  • 37:08 What increases likelihood of success
  • 39:44 Would corporate culture exist in the future?
  • 44:04 How to navigate around COVID-19
  • 50:27 Advice on fostering culture during uncertainty

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