Episode 20: Disruptive inventions through adventurous thinking

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Episode Description:

Sally Dominguez is an innovation activator and mindset strategist who has pioneered the ADVENTUROUS THINKING methodology. She is a former judge on ABC TV’s “New Inventors”, co-host of upcoming Foxtel show “Aussie’s Greatest Inventions That Changed the World” and author of the upcoming book, “EPIC Resilience”. She and Kris Østergaard speak about how you can create the optimal conditions for disruptive inventions.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 1:59 Introduction to Sally’s journey
  • 5:27 Invention and innovation – when does what happen? 
  • 8:30 What is the state of invention today?
  • 11:31 Value of frugal innovation
  • 12:30 How organizations could innovating and invent in this pandemic
  • 18:42 What is ADVENTUROUS THINKING? 
  • 26:18 How to apply ADVENTUROUS THINKING?
  • 33:20 Why is parkour thinking a great tool for now?
  • 35:07 How to make bearable discomfort bearable?
  • 36:13 What is a multifarean?
  • 37:46 How do you become a multifarean? 
  • 41:11 Using multifarious thinking 
  • 44:21 What creates epic resilience?  
  • 48:29 How do you translate this into your everyday life?
  • 50:44 Advice for organizations to create epic resilience

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