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Machine Learning accelerated by a Pandemic

Wednesday, June 10, 10-11 CET / Register Here

Guest Speaker: Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO and Co-Founder of, an AI Science assistant that is able to read and connect scientific knowledge and will grow up to be the world’s first AI Researcher within a decade as well as faculty on the future of AI at SingularityU Nordic.

In this week's episode, we dive into how machine learning is helping us fight this viral pandemic and how our human behaviours during this period are affecting the AI models built to help us work efficiently and effectively.

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Living in my Mind - Neuroscience in a Pandemic

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Guest Speaker: Thomas Ramsøy, CEO and Founder of Neurons Inc, one of the world’s leading applied neuroscience company as well as SingularityU Nordic faculty on Neuroscience. He is a neuropsychologist, holds a Ph. D in Neuroscience, published bestselling books and chapters on applied neuroscience and his scientific publications have been cited more than 1600 times.

In this week's virtual roundtable, we sat down with Thomas to understand how our brains are functioning during a pandemic, what possible neuropsychiatric problems are arising as a result of COVID-19 and what cognitive changes could we do in the meantime to help us return back to normal?

Future of Living

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Guest Speaker: James Ehrlich, EIR at Stanford University and Founder of ReGen Villages, a Stanford University spin-off company creating the "Tesla of Ecovillages"

ReGen Villages is currently working with Swedish architecture firm, White Arkitekter to launch a pilot housing project in 2020, where residents can produce their own organic and ecological food to live in a self sustaining neighbourhood powered by renewable energy and have an AI and machine learning based system monitor and run daily operations in the background of their smart homes.

Finding Normal: Digital Biology in a Pandemic

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Tiffany J. Vora, Faculty and Vice Chair of Digital Medicine and Medicine at Singularity University.

In this week's episode, we discussed finding normal again in and after the pandemic and heard Tiffany's thoughts and learnings on how far away are we from a cure, when can we expect normalcy to resume, what does science tells us about what will happen next in a pandemic and could we possibly modify our genes to avoid contracting viruses like COVID-19 in the future? All this and more in our virtual roundtable with Tiffany.

Human rights and democracy

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Guest Speaker: Alex GladsteinChief Strategy Officer at Humans Right Foundation and Singularity University's faculty on Governance & Blockchain

In this week's episode, we spoke with Alex on the development of human rights during the pandemic, how are government bodies around the world making the right decisions in uncertain circumstances, what issues are we still negating in our society, and what it means for societies that function democratically - or otherwise - and how their current choices will potentially impact their future.

Future of Food

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Guest Speaker: Lauri Reuter, SingularityU Nordic faculty on Future of Food and partner at Nordic FoodTech VC.

Discussion on how the food sector is adapting in this time of crisis, what growing trends in food innovation are we seeing, how social media is influencing our tastebuds and nutrition, and whether we could be eating 3D printed food anytime soon. 

Future of Manufacturing

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Guest Speaker: Erick Thürmer, SingularityU Nordic faculty on Future of Manufacturing and Managing Partner at Thürmer Tools.

Discussion about trends in production, how they have developed over the years and have accelerated and adapted during the crisis and how he is working with his team to use technology to create flexible manufacturing in this industry and enabling customised, local production.

Future Skills and Employability

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Guest Speaker: Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, SingularityU Nordic Faculty on the Future of learning and CEO of CanopyLAB and Tahero Nori,Founder & CEO Learning TechBuddy.

What are the required skills of the future? How do I stay employable and relevant? How do I upskill myself? And from a startup perspective; how do I make sure I support my employees the best possible way into the future?

B the Change

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Guest Speaker: Nille Skalts, SingularityU Nordic facilitator and leader of the B Corp movement in the Nordics.

A discussion on how companies can build for better and be the change especially in these uncertain times.

Brain Food 101

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Guest Speaker: Umahro Cadogen, Functional Medicine expert and Clinical Director in Umahro Ltd.

An interactive conversation on how to stay healthy, boost your immune system and other personal hacks to being a better you.

How to Innovate at Warp Speed

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Guest Speaker: Kris Østergaard, SingularityU Nordic faculty on innovation in large, established organizations, Co-Founder at SingularityU Nordic, author and host of Singularity University's Corporate Innovation Podcast.

Discussion on how to innovate at an accelerated pace, and why it's especially important to double down on innovation in times of crisis. 

Going Digital - Learning & Working in the Future

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, SingularityU Nordic faculty on Future of Learning and CEO at CanopyLAB.

Discussion on taking our every day lives - working, learning, and living - online. How do we get started? What works, and what kinds of tools are available?

Reflections on COVID-19: The State & Future of Pandemics

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Guest Speaker: Habib Frost, SingularityU Nordic faculty on Future of Medicine, Founder and CEO of Neurescue.

Discussion and reflections on the topics related Singularity University's COVID-19: The State & Future of Pandemics virtual summit from a Nordic perspective.