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The Exponential Talent Program is a 5-module program based at SingularityU Nordic HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark, and including a field trip to Silicon Valley visiting various organizations and Singularity University HQ at NASA.

It is a high-level, intensive, and transformational program designed to provide growth for rising stars selected by their organizations. Talents from the largest Nordic and international organizations come together over a period of 8 months to explore exponential technologies and disruptive organizations while at the same time developing concrete concepts and offerings for their own organizations that can make a 10x impact to transform their organization’s future.

The program features SingularityU Nordic’s world-class faculty, international faculty experts as well as SingularityU Nordic Mentors. Interactive presentations are delivered in an immersive classroom setting, paired with insightful discussions and activities that leverage the diverse cohort of thought leaders and innovators we convene for each session.

Upcoming Programs

Exponential Talent Program Autumn 2018

Program start date Nov 12-14, 2018

Exponential Talent Program Spring 2019

Program start date Mar 25-27, 2019

Very inspiring, truly eye-opening and indeed a brain boost.”

—Participant from Spring 2018 Exponential Talent Program

Program Overview

Exponential technologies are humanity’s most powerful tools for creating new opportunities and solving the significant challenges that we face. They demonstrate how the sustained doubling of price performance in computing power holds an immense potential to shape a better future.

Over the 5 modules, we will work with a set of proven tools for integrating these technologies and nimble innovation practises into your organisation.


Module 1: Brain Boost Camp

  • The first 3 days of the Exponential Talent Program are designed to provide the participants with an immersive, red-pill (think: The Matrix) experience. Participants will explore converging technologies and exponential organizations, understand the 4th industrial revolution, gain insights into designing extraordinary customer experiences and try out moonshot thinking.


Module 2: Field trip to Silicon Valley

  • When we meet again, we will explore the epicenter of disruptive innovation, meeting with the world’s top experts and practitioners on the future of work, business, and tech, and visiting top exponential organizations such as Google, Facebook, Pixar, Tesla and Zendesk.


Module 3: 10x Camp

  • In Module 3 the Talents are getting to work, focusing on concrete problems that they have identified in your own organisations. They will be challenged to apply the input from Modules 1 and 2, combined with the insights from the research they have done since, in order to create concrete concepts that have a 10x potential in their organizations.


Module 4: Bullseye Camp

  • At the Bullseye Camp, they will continue to develop the 10x concepts that they started to work with in Module 3, refining their ideas into concrete offerings. These offerings are based on the participants’ own research and developed using sprint and prototyping methodologies. Talents will also start work with pitching, and best principles for communicating and presenting their work.


Module 5: Demo Day

  • Demo Day is the culmination of 8 months of hard work and exploration. The participants pitch their 10x offerings to their stakeholders – just like startups do when securing funding. This ensures a high-involvement finale and concrete value to bring back home to one’s own organization.

Upcoming program dates

Exponential Talent Program Autumn 2018:

Module 1: Nov 12-14, 2018
Module 2: Jan 20-24, 2019
Module 3: Mar 4-5, 2019
Module 4: Apr 29-30, 2019
Module 5: Jun 7, 2019

Exponential Talent Program Spring 2019:

Module 1: Mar 25-27, 2019
Module 2: May 5-9, 2019
Module 3: Jun 24-25, 2019
Module 4: Aug 26-27, 2019
Module 5: Oct 4, 2019


14.900 € excl. VAT

The program fee includes learning materials, the majority of meals and transportation during modules.

It has been an incredibly interesting, exciting and rewarding experience! Brilliant program and speakers.

—Participant from Spring 2018 Exponential Talent Program

Who You’ll Meet

The Exponential Talent Program is designed for experienced rising stars from your organization.

Participants would usually have 5-10 years of general working experience, are often specialists, and can also be in leadership positions. Most participants are between 30-40 years old and have been in the organization for at least 1-2 years.

But more importantly than age and seniority, rising stars have a high level of social intelligence and abstraction, can navigate complex material and situations, and have a high level of engagement.

They lean forward!

Faculty and Curriculum

Our world-class faculty have an impressive breadth and depth of expertise across a wide range of topics. When you attend a SingularityU Nordic Executive Program, you’ll also benefit from our impressive array of extraordinary guest speakers, including world-class experts,  CEOs, and thriving entrepreneurs from the SingularityU Nordic community.

The SingularityU Nordic Executive Program curriculum includes exponential technologies, transformational practices, and relevant global challenges and opportunities, each taught by world experts. You’ll leave with a comprehensive overview of covered topic areas and an understanding of recent major innovations and the implications they have on industries, society, and our future. Prepare to be transformed.


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics • Digital Biology & Biotech • The Future of Medicine • Nanotech & Digital Manufacturing • Networks & Computing Systems • Blockchain & Digital Currencies


Design for Exponentials • Entrepreneurship • Exponential Organizations • Forecasting & Future Studies • Organizational Innovation • Policy, Law & Ethics • Synthesis & Convergence

Global challenges & opportunities

Learning • Prosperity • Governance • Security • Energy •  Environment • Food • Disaster Resilience • Global Health • Space • Shelter • Water

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