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SingularityU Nordic's 2019 Summit has been announced! Join us at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki from May 27-28, 2019 for an epic journey through exponential technology and leadership.

The first early bird tickets are now available, and speakers will be announced soon!

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Meet last year's speakers

Steven Pinker

World-renowned cognitive psychologist, Harvard professor, and best-selling author. Named by TIME as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.


Manal Al-Sharif

One of the key leader behind the women's rights movement in Saudi Arabia. Pivotal role in ending the Saudi driving ban for females. Her memoir was named #1 read by Oprah magazine.


Shiza Shahid

Co-founder of the Malala Fund with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Founder of NOW Ventures, a VC fund that supports mission-driven startups. Named TIME's "30 under 30 World Changer" and Forbes "30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur."


Steven Kotler

One of the world's leading experts on flow. Best-selling author, two time Pulitzer Prize nominee and co-founder of The Flow Genome Project.


Kyle Nel

CEO and co-founder of Uncommon Partners. Co-author of Leading Transformation, a Harvard Business Review Press title being released at the Summit. Founder and previous Executive Director for Lowe's Innovation Labs.


Alexander Hanff

CEO of Think Privacy and data ethics expert. Advisor to the EU and principal driver in creating GDPR. Advises corporates in regard to the use of the GDPR, Privacy by Design and ePrivacy Regulation.

#data ethics #faculty

Andrew Fursman

CEO 1Qbit and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Dedicated to solving industry's most demanding computational challenges by building quantum computing software.

#digital #quantum computing

Anita Schjøll Brede

CEO and Co-Founder of, one of the top 10 artificial intelligence startups according to Fast Company. Sought after public speaker, one of Inspiring Fifty Nordic's most inspiring women in tech.

#AI #faculty

Anja Boisen

Professor and Head of Centre of Excellence at the department of nanotech at the Technical University Denmark. Award-winning researcher and one of the world's top experts in micromechanics and nanotechnology.

#nanotechnology #faculty

Carin Ism

Director of Research at Bitnation. Leads the work to identify and develop solutions for global governance. Directed the process to launch the world's biggest prize competition is the social sciences.

#governance #faculty

Erick Thürmer

Transformed his family's tool company Thürmer Tools into an award winning digital and purpose-driven 3D business. Thürmer is also part of the 2020 European Horizon Framework Programme. Appointed member of the Danish Disruption Council.

#digitalmanufacturing #faculty

Habib Frost

Founder and CEO of Neurescue, developing a groundbreaking new treatment for cardiac arrest and critical bleedings. Elected Forbes 30 under 30 in Technology.

#futuremedicine #faculty

Hannes Sjöblad

Works to radically democratize access to powerful biotechnologies. One of the world's most quoted experts on biohacking. Head of strategic relations Sweden at SingularityU Nordic.

#biohacking #faculty

Isabelle Ringnes

Founder of TENK, a technology network for women which aims to inspire women and girls to shape our world's future. Co-Founder of Hunspanderer, an organization working to achieve real gender equality.

#diversity #faculty

Kris Østergaard

Co-Founder and Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, SingularityU Nordic. Translator of bestselling business book Exponential Organizations and author of How to Digitize a Cup of Coffee.

#legacyinnovation #faculty

Laila Pawlak

Co-Founder and CEO, SingularityU Nordic. Award-winning entrepreneur and international speaker on human-centered design and unapologetic customer perspectives.

#impactleadership #faculty

Lasse Birk Olesen

Co-Founder of Coinify, one of the world's leading blockchain payment providers. Consults governments around the world on blockchain technology.

#blockchain #faculty

Lauri Reuter

Ph.D. in biotechnology and academic background in cell biology, genetic engineering, and protein production. Specialist of Disruptive Technologies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

#futurefood #faculty

Marcus Olsson

CEO and Co-Founder of the virtual reality company SceneThere. Shot the first VR movie in North Korea. Built several innovation teams at Nokia and Microsoft.

#virtualreality #faculty

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

Co-Founder and CEO of CanopyLAB, award-winning EdTech and AI company. First PhD to research how emerging technologies and particularly digital learning can empower refugees and migrants.

#futurelearning #faculty

Suzanne Gildert

Founder and CEO of, a company dedicated to creating "synths," ultra human-like robots, and exploring the ethical implications.


Thomas Ramsøy

Ph.D. in neuroscience and founder/CEO of Neurons Inc., leading neuro research company working with the world's largest and most future forward-thinking companies applying neuroscience tools and insights to address the hardest challenges in today's business and society.

#neuroscience #faculty

Tiffany Vora

Faculty Director & Vice Chair on Digital Biology and Medicine at Singularity University in Silicon Valley. Holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Princeton University.