Isabelle Ringnes

Isabelle Ringnes is passionate about diversity, gender equality and technology, as well as empowering individuals to make a positive difference in the world. She is the founder of TENK, a technology network for women which aims to inspire women and girls to lean in and shape our world’s future. Through TENK, Isabelle has spoken to and reached thousands of women and girls, as well as founded Girl Tech Fest, a tech summer-camp for girls.

Isabelle is a Singularity University Global Solutions Program alum herself. Since becoming a SingularityU alum in 2016, she has established #ShesGotThis (#Hunspanderer), an organisation which works to achieve real gender equality by addressing subtle discrimination and gender stereotypes. Through several successful campaigns, she has engaged the CEOs of 30 of Norway’s largest companies in the mission of prioritising gender equality.

She is the author of an upcoming book on gender equality and women in tech, as well as the producer of 20-30, a weekly podcast which discusses technology, entrepreneurship and female empowerment. She is also a board member of Kron, a financial investing app, member of the Global Shapers Oslo community, blogger, and well-known public speaker about future technology and female leadership.


  • Diversity
  • Gender equality

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