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Regnskabsmedarbejder (Danish)


About the Job

SingularityU Nordic is a sister organisation to Singularity University in Silicon Valley who inspires and trains organizations to leverage exponential technologies to solve the global grand challenges. SingularityU Nordic har utroligt travlt. Derfor har vi brug for en regnskabsmedarbejder der kan hjælpe i vores regnskabsafdeling.

The job is a full-time position. We are looking for the right person to join our team as soon as possible.

Du får konkrete opgaver inden for bogholderiet som:

  • Debitor
  • Kreditor
  • Finans
  • Fakturering
  • Løbende afstemninger
  • Moms
  • Budgetter
  • Forecast, analyser, rapportering
  • Klargøring af regnskab til revisor

Du får mulighed for at udvikle og optimere processer, procedurer og rapporteringsformater i samarbejde med vores CFO.

Du er:

  • Ekstremt detaljefokuseret
  • Selvkørende og initiativrig
  • Videbegærlig og god til at sætte dig ind i nye ting
  • God til både dansk og engelsk
  • Mødestabil og har en høj arbejdsmoral

Vi lover:

  • En arbejdsplads hvor du arbejder med Skandinaviens førende virksomheder i et internationalt miljø, hvor vi er 21 ansatte fra 13 forskellige lande
  • At du kan være med til at skabe og optimere økonomifunktionen
  • En arbejdsplads, der har et af de stærkeste brand inden for teknologi, uddannelse og innovation, og hvor alle arbejder på at gøre en positiv forskel i verden
  • Ekstra goder som lækker hjernemad til frokost, adgang til fitnessrum, en café med tagterrasse og adgang til en masse cool events

How to Apply

Tiltrædelse snarest. Vi glæder os rigtig meget til at modtage din ansøgning på

Apply Now

Date of posting: 2019/06/11


Our Team

We are a small team, by design, fortunate to work and play from a hub full of amazing individuals. We are also proud and active contributors to the global SU community and have high ambitions to how Scandinavia will play a leading role in the world we want to create.

As a member of our core team, you will have access to mind expanding events, work with some of the best experts in the world and hang out with entrepreneurs on a quest to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. With your mindset and actions you will represent a value based and strong brand and be part of a small team with big ambitions. We support each other to grow and we proactively take action to always provide the best, transformational experiences for anyone we work with.

We take pride in always delivering extremely high quality within our own individual work, but also in the collective work of our organization - even when this means going beyond our own daily work and routines. We do what needs to be done and we find solutions. We work in a fast paced environment, but we take care of ourselves and each other. We eat healthy brain food lunch, use our fitness room and make sure to compensate long days with time to reboot, because we know that makes us perform the best.


We are a B Corp!

SingularityU Nordic is registered as a Benefit Corporation meaning we combine a for-profit business structure with social responsibility to best innovate and scale our impact. We make an effort to make sustainable choices, we thrive in diversity and we encourage a proactive approach to taking initiatives that improve the lives and experiences of our startups, partners, program participants, community and society as a whole.

We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. Therefore we encourage anyone with a passion to create positive impact and see their qualifications, ambitions, and values reflected in the job descriptions to apply - regardless of religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disabilities.

Exponential technologies are building the future today.

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