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Episode 36: Innovation through Ethical AI

Yoav Schlesinger, Principal of Ethical AI at Salesforce.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:26 Yoav’s journey
  • 4:14 What is ethical AI?
  • 6:33 Weighing positive vs negative impact
  • 9:41 Salesforce’s responsibility
  • 12:44 Tools for measuring ethical consequences
  • 16:05 Benchmarks for risk and bias
  • 19:30 Forecasting impact of ethical AI — is it possible?
  • 22:00 Building ethics into culture
  • 27:25 What is ethical debt?
  • 28:55 Hacks and barriers to building an ethical AI culture
  • 32:30 Recognizing wins for ethical behaviour
  • 35:36 What is conversational AI?
  • 44:48 5 years from now
  • 48:09 Advice to our listeners

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