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Episode 35: Innovating for sustainability

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Co-Founder of AI Sustainability Center, former Senior VP and Chief Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer at Ericsson and Henrik Henriksson, Chief Executive Officer at H2 Green Steel and former President and CEO of Scania. Both co-authors of Sustainability Leadership: A Swedish Approach to Transforming Your Company, Your Industry and the World.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:00 Authors’ journey to writing the book
  • 5:02 How should we understand sustainability?
  • 7:20 Understanding positive & negative impact
  • 10:33 The relationship between Sweden and sustainability
  • 18:11 Applying the Swedish model globally
  • 21:55 The link between purpose and sustainability
  • 31:15 Meeting long term targets with short term accountability
  • 35:00 Henrik’s move from Scania into full time sustainability
  • 39:31 Best practices and principles for sustainable leadership
  • 44:17 Impactful ways to measure sustainability
  • 48:11 Sustainability in the digital age
  • 54:17 Best advice for companies 

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