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Episode 33: An outside-in look at innovation in Africa

Jesper Drescher, serial entrepreneur and investor with vast knowledge of innovation in Africa, chairman of 3 African tech companies and author of Digital Africa: Investing in Africa’s Most Untapped Source.


Episode Highlights

  • 1:42 Jesper’s journey getting to Africa
  • 3:36 A beginner’s look at Africa
  • 7:28 Sub-saharan Africa vs China
  • 10:17 What does it take to invest in Africa?
  • 14:41 The “Spotify” of Africa
  • 19:37 Entrepreneurship in Africa
  • 23:55 Finding the right skillsets when building a team
  • 29:35 What to know when attracting the right talent pool
  • 33:05 What to look forward to in Sub-saharan Africa
  • 35:20 Mobile payment solutions in Africa
  • 39:34 What to think about when going into the African market
  • 41:47 Impact investing
  • 45:08 Sub-saharan Africa in 10 years

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