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Episode 31: Tools for becoming an ethical company

Cennydd Bowles is the author of Future Ethics and founder of responsible design and futures studio NowNext. He has been a contributor to the BSI’s Responsible Innovation steering group and a reviewer for MIT Press. Cennydd has nearly two decades of experience advising companies including Twitter, Samsung, Accenture, and the BBC.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:32 Introduction to Cennydd’s journey
  • 5:36 A ridiculously boring topic
  • 8:21 Definition and purpose of ethics
  • 15:10 Technological determinism
  • 18:12 Big companies’ views on ethics
  • 22:36 Explainable AI and black boxes
  • 26:38 Ethical decisions without financial loss
  • 30:24 Deontology, utilitarianism and virtue ethics
  • 37:37 Diving into an ethical dilemma
  • 46:04 Ethical implications for stakeholders
  • 51:25 Whom to hire
  • 54:18 Best practices
  • 56:41 What conversations will we have in 2026?

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