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Episode 27: A deep dive into measuring innovation

Dan Toma, Co-Founder of OUTCOME, Member of Accelerating Digital Transformation Work Group at World Economic Forum, Co-Author of The Corporate Startup and Innovation Accounting.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:28 A look at Dan's journey as an entrepreneur
  • 3:22 Why is there a need to measure innovation?
  • 5:36 Myths of measuring innovation
  • 7:00 Dan’s definition of innovation
  • 8:24 Unimportance of measuring ideas
  • 10:28 Vanity metrics vs valuable metrics
  • 14:36 Who in the organization should start thinking about innovation?
  • 22:50 How do you define a learning and know if it’s valid?
  • 35:22 Using incentives to encourage innovation
  • 40:11 How much to invest in innovation?
  • 44:55 What are the primary motivations for teams in innovation accounting?

Additional Resources

Follow up with an episode with Yngvar Ugland, EVP and Head of New Tech Labs at DNB as he discusses experimenting your way into an unknown future.

Pre-order Dan's book on Innovation Accounting (digital copy is out in May, print copy available in Q3).

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