Episode 26: Disrupting yourself with global competitions

Episode Description:

Dr. Shlomy Kattan is the Chief Advancement Officer of XPRIZE Foundation. He is also a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners, co-founder of Kudo Learning and a former consultant with Boston Consulting Group as well as founder and editor-in-chief of Berkeley Review of Education. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 1:14 Shlomy’s journey to XPRIZE Foundation
  • 3:32 What is the XPRIZE Foundation 
  • 6:40 What was the first XPRIZE competition?
  • 10:25 Positive implications of running XPRIZE 
  • 17:26 How to design an XPRIZE competition
  • 26:52 How XPRIZE teams are evaluated
  • 30:34 Who owns the IP from XPRIZE projects
  • 32:00 Why should corporates be interested in the XPRIZE
  • 43:33 Do’s and don’ts of corporate partnerships
  • 50:59 Principles to takeaway from XPRIZE

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