Episode 21: The impact of quantum technologies

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Episode Description:

Thierry Botter, Head of Airbus Bluesky and Deputy Head of Central R&T at Airbus, a Strategic Advisor to the European Commission, discussing Quantum Technologies with Kris Østergaard and why Airbus is exploring the cutting edge of technology in quantum computing to create the future of aerospace.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 1:37 Introduction to Thierry’s career 
  • 4:23 What business is Airbus in? 
  • 5:46 Research and design thinking approach at Airbus
  • 8:48 Example of how they go from an idea to a process 
  • 10:27 Airbus Bluesky vs Airbus Central R&T (research & technology)
  • 12:05 How do the different portfolios at Airbus work together?
  • 14:06 What role does quantum technology play in the airline industry?
  • 16:57 Three areas of quantum computing to prioritize 
  • 22:33 When would quantum computing accelerate?
  • 25:04 How will we experience quantum technologies 10 years from now? 
  • 32:22 Role of quantum computing in global crises 
  • 33:53 How to experiment with quantum technologies
  • 37:50 How Airbus structures their organization
  • 40:37 Should companies consider using quantum computing in their organization?
  • 44:06 What are you excited for in the future?

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