Episode 17: The Neuroscience of Uncertainty, Creativity and Innovation

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Episode Description:

Thomas Ramsøy, Founder and CEO of Neurons Inc and Applied Neuroscience Company, author of bestseller book, Leading Transformation, former Head of Research at Copenhagen Business School, with a PhD on the neurobiology of healthy ageing, in conversation with Kris Østergaard on the neuroscience of uncertainty, creativity and innovation.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 0:44 Introduction to Thomas’s journey
  • 4:06 What is Neurons Inc?
  • 5:31 How has technology enabled Neuroscience
  • 8:20 How is COVID-19 affecting our brains
  • 13:25 What is learned helplessness
  • 17:16 Different types of stress
  • 25:24 Creativity in the human brain
  • 34:14 What is a creative potential battery?
  • 39:51 Why does creativity decline with age?
  • 42:60 How to relearn your divergent thinking?
  • 48:34 Feeling safe to be creative
  • 51:45 How does open office spaces affect us?
  • 53:46 How to double down on innovation
  • 57:06 How our brains adapt to new technologies
  • 1:00:29 Zoom fatigue and two dimensional experiences
  • 1:03:53 How to help children develop in this world

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