Episode 15: Gaining competitive advantage from the next wave of digital transformation

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Episode Description:

Steve Brown, former Futurist and Chief Evangelist at Intel Corporation and author of the recent bestseller, The Innovation Ultimatum, in conversation with Kris Østergaard about digital transformation and the six core technologies that, according to Steve, will transform the next 10 years dramatically.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 1:07 Introduction to Steve’s journey
  • 6:04 Is Moore’s Law dead?
  • 7:52 Introduction to the innovation ultimatum
  • 10:53 What technology excites Steve in the next 10 years? 
  • 17:25 What does a supercharged AI, blockchain, 5G, IoT powered company look like in 2030? How does it differ from 2020?
  • 23:40 Hype over blockchain – should it still matter?
  • 26:22 Deep diving into the future you want to build and future to avoid
  • 31:15 How to not project linearly into the future
  • 34:55 How to align purpose with technology strategy?
  • 41:03 Experience with building a modern culture of innovation
  • 49:17 Could AI be your next colleague or manager?
  • 1:00:13 Will there be AI companies in the future?
  • 1:02:38 Key takeaways from the episode
  • 1:05:36 How to keep challenging your nonlinear brain?

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