Episode 13: Radical open Innovation

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Episode Description:

Pascal Finette, Co-Founder at be radical and Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation in conversation with Kris Østergaard on how and why companies should use open innovation to structure their businesses, giving room to explore radical new frontiers while still keeping their core intact. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 1:06 Introduction to Pascal
  • 5:12 What is open innovation?
  • 8:32 About innovation funnels
  • 12:45 What creates value in innovation? 
  • 14:39 Crowdsourcing, Y/N?
  • 17:55 Developing ideas from market research
  • 22:41 Disruption vs innovation
  • 24:31 How to deviate from the expected as a corporate
  • 27:21 Introduction to core and edge in businesses
  • 30:31 Differentiating core and edge businesses 
  • 34:46 Sourcing for the right people
  • 38:08 Startups working with corporates
  • 39:57 Do’s and don’ts for corporates working with startups
  • 43:26 How are venture arms investing?
  • 47:17 Mindset to working with startups
  • 49:47 Incentivising innovators and entrepreneurs in the organization 
  • 53:25 Future of innovation for businesses 
  • 56:42 How to keep up with a fast future
  • 62:32 How to challenge our linear brains

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