Episode 12: The ethics of invention

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Episode Description:

Sheila Jasanoff, Pforzheimer Professor of Science & Technology studies at Harvard Kennedy School and author of “The Ethics of Invention”, in conversation with Kris Østergaard, on ethics in a technologically accelerating world, how to mitigate unintended consequences of one’s innovations and the danger of technological determinism. 

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Episode Highlights

  • 2:09 Introduction to Sheila’s academic & professional journey
  • 5:48 What is ethics and what makes something ethical?
  • 11:09 What is technological determinism?  
  • 20:40 Unintended consequences and their role
  • 28:11 How to move an organization ethically into the future?
  • 32:27 Creating winners and losers during invention
  • 43:33 Entrepreneurs taking responsibility for their inventions, Y/N?
  • 48:20 Who gets to decide for the public good? 

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